Bachelor and degree project

At the end of the education it is time for the degree project or the thesis. The thesis work is a good way to apply their knowledge to a real problem and a springboard in working life. It is not uncommon for the company or organization for which you write the degree project to become the first employer.

In the higher education programs, the thesis comprises 15 higher education credits. At the Master’s, Architectural, and Master’s programs, it comprises 30 higher education credits, or 60 higher education credits. The thesis work is reported in writing in a report and through oral presentation.

If you do your bachelor’s or degree project in collaboration with a company or another organization, it is good to know what applies to intellectual property rights, patents and confidentiality.

Bachelor Thesis

The first three years of the civil engineering and architectural programs conclude with a major work involving 15 higher education credits, bachelor thesis. The candidate work is an independent work and is normally carried out at one of Chalmers’ institutions. Accounting takes place both orally and in writing with individual graduated grades in the Master’s degree programs (non-graded grades on the architectural program). The written report is normally written in Swedish.

Master’s thesis

The thesis that concludes the master’s program is called the Master’s thesis and is presented in writing and orally in English. Read more about what applies to your Master’s thesis on the English page.

During the thesis project you will be assisted by an examiner and a supervisor at Chalmers. This is usually the same person. If you do the degree project at a company, you will get a responsible supervisor there as well. Information about what applies to your education program is provided by your study counselor or program manager.

It is usually you yourself who arranges a degree project in consultation with your examiner. You can get help from your study counselor or from the department for which you are writing the ex-job.

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  • Industrial and Materials Science
  • Chemical and chemical engineering
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  • Space and environmental science
  • Technology’s economy and organization
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The environmental bridge conveys theses that are carried out at companies and organizations and contributes to sustainable development.


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Calendar: presentations of thesis and student work

Learning objectives, regulations and forms for thesis work

The overall goal of the thesis is that the student should demonstrate knowledge and ability required to work independently as a civil engineer, architect or technology master.


The learning outcomes for degree projects at Chalmers are based on the objectives of the Master of Science, Architect and Technology Master’s degree formulated in Chalmers’ local degree program and in the Regulations for the degree project on the Master of Science, Architect and Master’s program (see below).